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About Our Camp

I'm a former teacher who loves kids and likes to provide engaging projects that young people feel genuinely proud of.  I believe in the pleasures and fun of summer.  I create a space where kids feel supported and encouraged to explore art, food,  natural materials and themselves.  We spend much of our time outside.  We balance our day between "in-breath"  activities that take concentration, like meal making and "out breath" activities that are open-ended, and relaxed like hiking and swinging in the hammock.   We use quality art materials, organic food when we are cooking and glean materials from nature.  We work in small groups (5-6 kids) so they can really learn, participate, make artistic progress and have fun!

Our camp is on three acres with a creek, forest, a field, a vegetable and flower garden.  We have chickens, kitties and are looking to add more. We visit and feed the goats, lamas and horses in the neighborhood.

 Though we include art, cooking and nature in all the camps, often I choose specific activities according to the weather and group's needs -one week is never the same as the next!  We also uncover activities that bring a relaxed 'in the zone" state of mind so that they can return to these during the year when they need space to let down and relax.    I teach about tribal uses of plants, health/nutrition, and artists, I also encourage critical thinking and experimentation- all as we are doing activities. 




                  Check out our activity page!

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