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Where are you located?

We are located in Fall City on 3 acres with a forest, a creek, a large field and chickens, kitties and hopefully some bunnies this year.

Our address is 35921 SE 47th Pl., Fall City, WA 98024

What are your hours?

Hours: 9 am-3 pm

Are there any extended hours?

Usually yes,  please contact me to discuss! 

What is the cost


What ages come to camp?
9-15 years ( I have several returnees who are approaching 13, they have requested I extend the age

so, now we are going up to 15).  

What if my kids are coming by bus?

I can often pick up kids at the Issaquah Park and Ride if they are coming from a long distance, please contact me to arrange this.

What should a camper bring?

Layered clothing that can be stained

Bathing suit for creek dipping, sprinklers, etc.



Water bottle 

An extra set of clothes in case we get wet 

There are two lunches that are generally provided and we will let you know which days those are, they often depend on the weather. On those days, please pack extra snacks.  

Can you accommodate for allergies?

My kids have dairy and wheat sensitivities, so I have some level of experience here.  We can often provide alternatives and frequently bake wheat-free.  We cannot provide a truly wheat free or nut free facility so if your allergies are severe please be cautioned.

What about cell phones or media?

Generally we do not use our cell phones unless it is an emergency.

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