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Every week is different!

 Past & Present Activities Include:

foccacia mushroom.jpg



Creating an animal portrait in a free and fun way

Constructing and designing jewelry

Designing self portraits that you can feel proud of

Learning some elements of design then dyeing and creating your own tee shirt

Experimenting with pouring medium

Creating a watercolor values painting of a house

Trying the pouring method of painting

Exploring the elements of pattern with your own take-home micron pen and sketch pad

Not satisfied with your drawing skills?  We teach techniques to help you get there!



Using natural materials to make prints

Using natural materials to create drawings and watercolor  paintings

Experimenting with layered acrylic "inchie"  paintings"



Baking scones

Inventing your own ice cream flavors

Learning to make a healthy meal for your family

Cooking lunch over a campfire

Baking meringue mice

Baking a strawberry cream roll

Creating savory Turkish hand pies &

Blackberry hand pies

Trying our hands at blending our own smoothie concoctions-sugar free and delicious-yes those two things can exist together in a sentence!


Making a chicken meal with  roasted veggies and potatoes

Constructing ramen the healthy and delicious way

Creating Korean Beef bowls

Whipping up  an individualized beef and veggie stew to cook over the fire

Roasting bananas and home-made caramel in the fire



Wading in the creek and having water fights

Building debris shelters

Trying out the slacklIne

Building and cooking over a campfire

 Holding the chickens

Building a marshmallow gun with hand tools

Getting dirty


Petting our loving kitties

Weaving blackberry bramble baskets

Picking raspberries and gorging!

Picking blackberries

Taking a hike

Trying out the paddle boat

Going fishing

Playing Washers

Playing in the annual game of silly heckle croquet

Inventing and building our own mini-golf course

Playing frisbee

Playing hide and seek

Kid created treasure hunting 

Warning not all of these can be done in one week-our heads would fall off !

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